U.K Breakdown Cover

Not 1, but 3 Breakdown brands to choose From!

As well as offering cheap and affordable car, bike and van insurance, RCIB also own 3 Breakdown Brands:

Vehicle Based Breakdown Cover from AutoAid

AutoAid Breakdown: Autoaid Breakdown is a U.K Based Breakdown and Recovery service offering Roadside assistance, Recovery to a U.K Destination of your choosing, Recovery of up to 5 passengers and Recovery of an attached Caravan Even Motorbikes are covered. AutoAid insures the driver so they are covered in any car they are legally driving (rather than a named vehicle) including Classic Cars. AutoAid also ensures the policy holders spouse for no additional charge.

Person based breakdown cover from Autonational

Autonational: Instead of insuring the driver to use any car, Autonational insures a named car for anybody to use, making this service perfect for families that share a single vehicle. Autonational also have a range of service offerings at different cost levels from Roadside only to Total Service cover.

Euro Rescue - European Breakdown Cover

Euro Rescue: As you may have guessed, Euro Rescue offers great Breakdown and Recovery Services for clients who are visiting Europe. From short to longer term cover and a U.K Breakdown assistance contact number, Euro Rescue allows you peace of mind on your overseas driving holidays!

Vandalism Cover

Home Breakdowns

Caravans Covered

Classic Car Breakdowns


Access to Several Cars?

If you own, or have access to several cars, AutoAid Breakdown may suit you best as it insures the driver, and his or her spouse, to drive any car that they legally have access to.

Car Sharer?

If several of you share the same named vehicle, perhaps a family, or a house share, Autonational might be the right level of cover for you as it insures one vehicle for anybody to drive!

Overseas Trip?

If you are lucky enough to be going to Europe for a driving holiday, our Euro Rescue brand will keep you moving on the continent, from a single day or two, to a month or more!

And there's more too...

The AutoAid and Autonational U.K Breakdown brands have access to over 5000 Breakdown and Recovery vehicles across the U.K. We provide Classic Car Breakdown Cover, and Motorbikes too! Own a Camper van? So long at it weighs in at less than 3.5t (most do), we’ll cover that too!

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