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Home Insurance to suit your needs!

Wherever you live we are sure that our Home Insurance rates are among the best, and with over 20 years experience of negotiating the best premiums by treating every customer as an individual, our expert underwriting team are sure to find our best deal.

We are happy to consider previous Claims, Property owners / Landlords, Single property or large portfolio, Flat Roof, Subsidence / Flood risk Insurance and High value Property / Contents.

We specialise in the UK Home Insurance quotes, including Flat Insurance, that others companies hate, by speaking to you we are confident we can get you the best deal.

Call your local number now 01708 361 745 or email and we will call you back

Here are a few tips to help try and save you money:

  • Don’t over estimate your value
  • Check what security is fitted you may be surprised to see it qualifies for a discount
  • If you have an alarm use it
  • If you have a birthday within the next 2 months please call us as we may be able to uprate your age
  • If you have an claim which is 3 months from being 3 years old call us as we may be able to disregard it.

REMEMBER we are here to help you get the best deal, no 2 people are the same, therefore give us a call, tell us as much information as possible and we will endeavour to get you the best deal available.

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Property Damage


Flood Risk

Landlord Portfolios

Flat Roof


Ensuring that you also do your best to secure your Property can often help you obtain a more competitive quote. Consider, or use an alarm. Upgrade your Locks and consider using a safe at home?


We are happy to discuss Portfolio requirements with landlords. As a Property Investor, we appreciate that you will have enough to manage already, and we’ll try our best to make your Home Insurance needs one less worry!

Flood Risk Insurance?

Even if other Insurers won’t help, try us anyway. It’ll just make us more determined to find you the best deal, even if you have suffered from Flood damage in the past.

Home is where the heart is...

It’s right that you are protective of your home. Memories which will last a lifetime are made there and it’s where you know you can relax and kick back. So, don’t leave your UK home insurance to chance, and let us quote you to protect those precious memories and your valuable.

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