Vehicle Based Breakdown Cover

This policy specifies how important documents either company/employee or client data be it via e-mail, client server, paper file, phone recordings or other media should be retained, protected and eligible for destruction. The policy also ensures that documents are promptly provided to authorities upon request.

Data held will therefore be subject to the following data retention periods:

Client DataPeriod
Name7 Years
Address7 Years
Telephone Number7 Years
Email Address7 Years
Gender7 Years
Marital status7 Years
Date of birth7 Years
Nationality7 Years
Bank account number7 Years
Bank sort code7 Years
Payment card details7 Years
Identification numbers issued by government bodies or agencies, including driving license numbers7 Years
Credit and anti-fraud data7 Years
Special categories of personal data and criminal convictions data7 Years
Claims information7 Years
Risk details7 Years